1.                  The Homeless.

Dolph’s involvement with the homeless began when he befriended Mr. William Wallace Brown at St. John’s Church in 1988. Mr. Brown was a homeless person who moved onto the streets of DC to protest the stealing of his home by a shyster lawyer in 1977. Mr. Brown’s story of his living on the streets of DC and how Dolph befriended him is described in a Washington Post article, April 26, 1992, entitled “Samaritans Could No Longer Just Pass Him By”.

 In 1993, Case Closed did a story on Mr. Brown that was broadcast on October 23-24. (See photos)

 Mr. Brown, who Dolph regarded as one of his closest friends, died on October 17, 2000 (see obituary in Washington Post) and he was buried at St. John’s Church. Articles about Mr. Brown’s death and burial at St. John’s Church appeared in the Washington Post (“A Poor Man Who Enriched Others’ Lives” by Courtland Milloy, November 29, 2000; “Homeless Once, But Now at Peace” by Debbie Wilgoren, December 4, 2000) and was broadcast on the Today’s Show with Katie Couric and NBC Evening News with Tom Brokaw on December 4, 2000. (See stories and photos) Several additional articles on Mr. Brown’s passing were published in various church newsletters.

Dolph has continued working with the homeless in DC, and since 2000, has befriended well over 100 homeless individuals. He has helped numerous of the homeless move off the streets of DC and has helped others in many different ways to better their lives. He has written two articles about DC’s homeless. One was entitled “The Homeless in Washington DC”, published in the Journal of the Cosmos Club of Washington, DC Vol. 13 p83-85, and another article entitled “A Glimpse into the Lives of Washington, DC’s Homeless” that is unpublished. Both articles are shown on this website under tabs designated Published and Unpublished.

 2.                  Lay Reader and Chalice Bearer – Dolph has been a lay reader and chalice bearer at St. John’s Church since November, 1992 and served in the same capacity at the National Cathedral, 2005-2007. He stepped down from serving at the National Cathedral as it interfered with his regular Sunday morning breakfasts with his homeless friends. Dolph read before President Bill Clinton on several occasions and before President George W. Bush 15 times. Pictures of Dolph meeting Presidents Clinton and Bush are shown. Dolph has also read before President H.W. Bush on several occasions, but never as President. The elder Bush was a member of St. John’s Church and often attended the early service at St. John’s when he visited Washington, DC. Dolph had the good fortune to read before President Bush on several occasions. 

Regarding U.S. Presidents, Dolph met President Barak Obama and his family at St. Johns Church when they visited one Sunday at the early service. Dolph met President Obama on another occasion at one of his backyard chats, when the President visited his daughter’s (Sandy Hatfield Clubb’s) home in Des Moines, Iowa. (See photos).

 3.                  Civil Rights Issues – Dolph has been active in civil rights issues since the late 1960s by initially getting involved in an organization called POMCO (People’s Organization of Montgomery County). He was arrested on several occasions for demonstrating with Charlie Mahone for the civil rights of African Americans in Montgomery County, MD. Charlie Mahone was the first African American to run for the Montgomery County Council and Dolph ran his campaign in 1971. Dolph continued his involvement and interest in civil rights issues in Montgomery County until he moved into the District of Columbia at which time he began writing articles on such issues (see tabs under Published and Unpublished). Dolph was again arrested on March 20, 1996 for demonstrating in front of the Justice Department for the release of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian, from prison. Dolph was charged with “Incommoding” for refusing to move off the steps of the Justice Department and blocking the entrance into the building. Leonard Peltier’s story can be found on the internet by googling Leonard’s name.

 4.                  Cosmos Club – Dolph became a member of the prestigious Cosmos Club of Washington, DC in 1997. Articles have appeared in the Cosmos Club bulletin about Dolph’s adventures (“Dolph Hatfield, The Giant Killer”, January 2003, Vol. 56, p26-28 by Mildred Crary) and about his collection of ancient pottery from Israel (“The Art of Ancient Mediterranean Lamps”, November 2006, Vol. 59, p18-19). More than 60 pieces of his pottery collection were exhibited at the Club from May-September, 2006. (See photos). His Meershaum Pipe collection was also exhibited at the Club. (See photos). He has presented programs for Cosmotographers and for the Art Committee. His photography was highlighted in the Journal of the Cosmos Club of Washington, DC, Vol 11, p60, 2001 by showing one of his photographs “Going Spelunking” and several of his photographs have been exhibited at the Club through the years. (See photos). He has published two articles in the Journal of the Cosmos Club of Washington, DC entitled “Assessing Racial Sensitivities”, Vol. 9, p3-8, 1999 and “The Homeless in Washington, DC”, Vol. 13, p83-85, 2004. Copies of both articles are shown in this website under the tab Published.