A series of short stories

1.If Homo sapiens disappeared, would it matter?

In the event the human population destroys itself, would it impact the universe?

2. Dying

One thing is for sure, each and every one of us is going to die. Should we spend our remaining time being fearful about dying or should we put our efforts into staying on this side of the grass as long as we can?

3. Friendships

There are lifelong friendships that are constant over time and others renewed after many years without losing a step.

4. One of society’s worst injustices was holding the soldiers doing the fighting responsible for the Viet Nam war

In the Viet Nam war, those wanting to end the war held the soldiers doing the fighting responsible stopping the war, while they should have gone after the politicians who were promoting the war.

5. A common denominator that makes all mankind equal – their feelings